Tremiti Islands

 In some places of the world creation has been particularly generous, one example being the Tremiti Islands, "The Most Breathtaking Trip In The World", with it's endlessly beautiful coastline. Many boats make daily .stops to the various islands, where nature similar is not to be found anywhere else in the world. The extraordinary beauty of Gargano's varied and fantastic nature can also be experienced whether one's relaxing on a deck chair on the beach, or simply taking a stroll. Long days rich of unforgettable sightseeing, delicious filling meals and particularly interesting excursions on dry land creating new experiences and new acquaintances.- The Tremiti islands are fragments of rock, the remains of an ancient bridge between the Gargano and Albania, but all the better preserved for their state of isolation. They are islands, and the sense of separation from the mainland is immediately felt. The main protagonist is, of course, the sea: ready to be exploited, patient with underwater « raiders », but reluctant to lend itself to the hurry and fret of tourism. The Tremiti  islands consist of three islands, San Nicola, San Domino and La Capraia; two inaccessible rocks, the Cretaccio and La Vecchia; and a number of rocky spikes.

Tremiti islands map aerial

Their area is little more than three hundred hectares (including Pianosa) and the population is 350. 
History of the Tremiti Islands - Popular superstitions, myths and epic events mix with the history of the Tremiti islands  According to one legend, the Homeric hero Diomedes reigned here, being the son of the King of Etolia. When he died he was buried in a splendid sepulchre on the island. His riches were buried with him and he was watched over by his fellow warriors in the Trojan War who had been transformed into birds. This once caused the islands to be called « Diomedan ». The history of the Tremiti islands began with the abbey built by the Benedictines in the Iltli century. The abbey saw much greatness and many enemy attacks. The famous Solyman tried to take it, but his galleys were put to flight by the island's cannons. With the coming of the Bourbons, the monastery began to sink into decadence. In the 19th century, Ferdinand ordered that the penal setlement there should become a community, and sent to the prisoners a hundred women « recruited » from the Naples taverns. It worked well. In spite of its origin, with time the community became a respectable society. The only heritage from the Bourbons is a noticeable Neapolitan accent, another surprise offered by the Tremiti islands, whose isolation extends also to its language.